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Quality of Staff

The peculiarity of our work supposes a long training of the staff. All our technicians are perfectly experienced and formed

Your orders are personally followed throughout all production cycle by skilled operators granting the conformity of produced materials

Quality of Raw Materials

All raw materials used by C.T.LAY are systematically subjected to incoming controls

No raw materials are changed without previous agreement of our customer

C.T.Lay is specialized in this application process with investments started in 2007 granting today the biggest production capacity worldwide with more than 100 million positions per year, combining the highest quality level with the best economic approach

Purchase your preferred Holograms, C.T.Lay is well experienced and skilled to apply them on different types of substrates

Quality of Machinery

From its creation, C.T.LAY has chosen to work with the best machinery. A specific maintenance program assures a constant performance level for all equipement all along their lifecycle.
A constant flow of investments assures the company’s development and upgrade.

Quality of Controls

C.T.LAY guarantees the conformity of the productions through numerous and regular controls throughout the whole production. Samples and informations linked to the orders are kept for 2 years.


A detailed and complete identification system permits to verify for each order the raw materials used. An internal C.T. LAY production number completes these data. For security applications, a progressive number and bar coded info are printed on each single sheet. While finishing an order, a precise production report is made indicating the number of sheets rejected during production.

Each customer’s audit is an occasion to improve. We will be waiting yours !

Quality Policy

CT Lay has been specializing in the application of magstripes, holographic spripes and holograms on plastic overlay for the last 15 years. Security lamination plates represent the latest add-on to the company’s offer of advanced security products.

All manufactured materials are tailor-made following customer’s specifications.

About 90% of CTlay’s annual turnover comes from international markets; Customers are for the most part card producers

The company is pursuing an increase in the annual turnover coming from security products (mainly holograms and security plates) on the basis of a strategy set forth by the board of directors and meant to promote high value-added products.

The executive board, conscious of the mounting request for widely recognized quality standards on the market, elects to implement a quality management system conform to the ISO 9001:2015 norm, convinced of the internal improvements which can be achieved by the continuous development of a company-wide Quality culture.

The company will reach this goal by identifying, analyzing and solving all issues through the adoption of adequate operational means, the creation of a favorable ambience for the correct progress of the activities and mostly by responsabilizing in a coordinated way the whole Personnel working inside the organization.

The strength of our company lies in the capability to offer personalized service to each one of our Customers through a detailed analysis of the their requests and needs; such analysis concretized in the definition of procedures tailor made to their specific needs.

Our next target is to make all these activities happen in the most efficent and economic way by activating a company-wide quality management system based on the following fundamental principles:
1) Satisfy Customers, respecting systematically the requirements specified in the supplier’s contracts, consolidating a trust based relationship and building a cooperation based on transparency, flexibility and reactivity, with the engagement of obtaining a feed back on the quality of the offered products and services.
2) Take care, responsabilising each employee of the company, of the business relationship with the Customer and solving each eventual cause of dissatisfaction
3) Define and put in place criteria of selection and qualification of suppliers based on materials/products/services offered, on the flexibility and relaibility of the supplies and on the technical competence of the personnel.

In order to guarantee that the completion of all activities complies with the defined Quality policy and satisfies its targets, the board has appointed the RSGQ with the task to formalize the Quality System, monitor its application and evaluate its results in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

The Board is determined to assume an active role in the promotion and guide of each activity having influence on Quality through the diffusion, at each level, this policy.

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