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  • Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste – Friuli Venezia Giulia


Founded in Castelvetro – Modena in 2002,
C.T.LAY starts its activity as a highly qualitative
manufacturer of prelaid overlays and lamination plates.


Starting from 2005, when the company got the accreditation from Visa, MasterCard and American Express, the activity of C.T.LAY became more and more oriented to security applications and more and more technically advanced.


In 2007 the governmental applications started to be a strategic market and the activity of hologram application on polycarbonate overlay for ID documents such as ID Cards, Passports, Driving Licences became one main stream of C.T.LAY activity.


The vision to improve the presence in the Governmental applications took the company to create 4PLATE, a Joint Venture branch of C.T.LAY, based in Germany and specialised in the production of standard as well as highly sophisticated security lamination plates.


In order to grant the confidentiality and reliability requested for governmental applications, our company got in 2015 the CWA 15374:2008, the ISO 14298:2013 and in 2016 the ISO 9001:2015 certifications.


Today C.T.LAY is regularly delivering
its products in more than
70 countries worldwide.

Sun Chemical Acquisition

January 22, 2018 –Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC Corporation, have acquired C.T.LAY S.R.L.


Each year are produced more than 500 million cards with our C.T.Stripe overlays and many millions Governmental documents with our C.T. Patch sheets

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