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C.T.MAG – Magnetic Tapes

C.T. Lay magnetic tapes provide plastic and ID cards with outstanding quality, consistency, security features and durability

Prelaid Overlay

Our multiple application lines, big raw material warehouse, availability to manage on demand stocks allow C.T.Lay to be the market reference for non equipped as well as equipped card manufacturers

Pre-Patched Holograms

More and more governmental documents are manufactured each year using long life substrates like Polycarbonate

Laser engravable embedded holograms offer the best anti forgery solution for the protection of personal data on ID cards, Passports and Driving Licences

C.T.Lay is specialized in this application process with investments started in 2007 granting today the biggest production capacity worldwide with more than 100 million positions per year, combining the highest quality level with the best economic approach

Purchase your preferred Holograms, C.T.Lay is well experienced and skilled to apply them on different types of substrates

Lamination Plates

Lamination plates are part of our portfolio since 2003.
In 2014 we created 4PLATE GmbH to offer to the market the most complete, integrated and technologically advanced lamination plate technology.
Visit the website www.4Plate.de to learn more about lamination plates and high security lamination plates for ID production

SunCarte® Ink System

UV Offeset & Screen Inks for the Plastic Card Industry

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